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Objects from the Trust Deed

For those who've never seen a Trust Deed before, the 'Objects' are the aims of the Trust, not the things we object to.

Current Objects

The Better Public Media Trust are still guided by our existing Coalition for Better Broadcasting Trust Deed which are:

CBB Objects.PNG


New Objects

We are changing the name in our Trust Deed to the Better Public Media Trust, so the Board proposes to tweak the Objects while we're at it. The 'tweaks' are to refine our guiding aims to better suit the existing media landscape in New Zealand.

3        PURPOSE

The objects of the Trust are:

3.1       To advance public media in New Zealand.

3.2       To promote the role of public media in educating, informing and entertaining all New Zealanders.

3.3       To educate New Zealanders and promote informed debate about public media issues.

3.4       To support improved access to funding, operating conditions and platforms of distribution for use by public media providers.

3.5       To represent and advance the interests of media audiences.

3.6       To undertake other activities that are likely to further the charitable purposes of the Trust.


BPM objects!

And for good measure, here's what we object to:

  • media that treats audiences like idiots
  • media that seeks to control, limit or hamper public discourse
  • media that's unsupportive of other media outlets
  • media that pretends to be one thing, and then turns out to be nothing more than an attempt to make us see an advert (clickbait)
  • media that doesn't take responsibility for its effect on the world or its audience
  • media that doesn't hold itself to the same levels of accountability that it demands of others
  • media that limits participation based on age, race, religion, politics, wealth, dress-sense or hairstyle

If you've got more of your own 'objects' to add to this list, send them in!

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