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Working for better radio, TV and online media for all New Zealanders

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Imagine this:

  • improved educational opportunities for children and adults
  • more responsive democracy
  • enjoying Kiwi drama and comedy that’s popular around the world
  • greater social cohesion between ethnicities
  • healthy NZ media businesses
  • national pride in our unique culture
  • celebration of intelligence and excellence
  • a more tolerant society
  • world-leading participatory online media

These are our over-arching goals.

We believe better public media is vital for a better New Zealand.

If you...

  • are sick of adverts
  • don’t want all your news from Facebook
  • worry about what your kids are watching
  • love RNZ
  • want to watch the All Blacks free-to-air
  • get annoyed by shallow news coverage
  • no longer watch TV because “it’s all rubbish”
  • have heard Kiwi kids with American accents
  • can’t stand commercial values taking over traditional Kiwi values

…then you are not alone.

Better Public Media is a group of ordinary Kiwis who recognise the impact our media has, over time, on our culture.

You can help!

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Together we can make public media better!


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